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Amarita's coaching is fantastic and highly tailored to suit her students. She has helped me improve and refine my British dialects by not only helping me with the technical aspects, but also the social influences that shape them. As an actor, this helps you live in the dialect and not just put one on. One of the great things about our sessions is how much fun they are. I can genuinely say Amarita has become a wonderful friend and is a highly skilled dialect coach. I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn authentic English dialects. She teaches you RP, Neutral and Cockney, so you have a solid foundation when you complete your sessions with her.


British Dialects Coaching Client

John Faust

John Faust.jpg

As a voice actor, it is a bonus to have some variety and believability on your demo reels. And Amarita delivers. Her intuitive and personally tailored program provided polish to my British dialects, as well as adding a foundation of understanding towards each one's origins. What an amazing benefit to know where your character comes from when developing their voice. Her program is not a "one size fits all", but is expertly geared towards your skills and goals, is informative, and is a genuinely fun experience. Whether you want to learn basic pronunciation or add some polish to your skillset, I would definitely recommend Amarita as your next dialect coach. 


British Dialects Coaching Client

Max Simshauser

Max Simshauser.jpg

What a fantastic experience! I have been on a voice-over journey for several years and it has become apparent that the road is best traveled with excellent coaches. So glad to have had Amarita as one of them! The emphasis on both dialect and British history helped me understand the nuances of the language. Often, it is the small things - stress on a certain syllable, cadence, minor pronunciation differences - that can make or break an attempt at a dialect. Amarita helped fine-tune my ear and, with incredible patience and attention to detail, allowed me to succeed far beyond my expectations. 


British Dialects Coaching Client

Robin Howatt Schrock

Robin Howatt Shrock.jpg

Amarita is a terrific teacher of British Neutral, RP, and Cockney dialects. She is detailed and thorough in her instruction, and committed to helping her students sound authentic. Her approach of teaching through historical and cultural context in addition to sound and cadence is truly helpful when learning a new dialect. Amarita has high expectations of her students and delivers those expectations with warmth, humor, and encouragement. It sets her apart from other dialect and acting instructors. I would happily train with Amarita again!


British Dialects Coaching Client Bree Herbert

Bree Herbert.jpg

Amarita is awesome! She’s a great British dialect coach. She will make you work hard to see the results that you want to achieve. I would recommend her to anyone in the entertainment business.


British Dialects Coaching Client Janique Negron

Janique Negron.jpg

Are you an actor? Performer? Voiceover artist? Or even have a strong interest in honing your language skills to include an authentic British English dialect (Cockney, Neutral, or RP)? If so, I highly recommend Amarita as your British dialects instructor. In just 10 weeks you will be challenged to do what you have been interested in doing an entire lifetime. She will train you to completely transform the sound of your English to include Cockney, Neutral and RP dialects and also leave you with a deep understanding of the culture that surrounds each one. Within just a couple of weeks my English Neutral accent became refined with no trace of my native American pronunciation, allowing me to perform an authentic sounding British monologue. 5 stars! Highly recommend.


British Dialects Coaching Client

Andrew Gunnar

Andrew Gunnar.jpg

Can't say enough about this wonderful lady! I was so far off base with a British accent that the first sample I sent her sounded like the Irish McFly from Back to the Future 3 and I could not snap out of it. Amarita knocked the Irish out of me on the FIRST lesson! From there, we were off to the races! I really was ashamed of how poorly I did the accent before our sessions, but, after a hard focus on neutral British, it now feels completely natural. Amarita gave me the insight and direction I needed to feel more comfortable speaking and find the flow of the language. Not only did she teach me to speak, but she taught me to listen, to pick up on, not just what's being said, but how, and that's helped me in other dialects as I try to branch out and widen my range as a voice artist. Because of the range she's helped me attain, it's already paid off with character work I would not have otherwise landed, then outside of the work space, story time with my daughter has reached the most epic of levels, and that is something you can never put a price on.


British Dialects Coaching Client

Chuck Montgomery

Chuck Montgomery.jpg

I really appreciate the relaxed supportive environment that Amarita created. I have not been through accent/dialect training before and was a little insecure about it. I now feel very confident that I have a handle on three major types of British accent, and I have nice voice samples of each as well!


British Dialects Coaching Client Hanna Edwards

Hanna Edwards.jpg

Amarita Fenn is the real deal when it comes to accent and dialect training. Each session I have had with Amarita, it is clear that she has prepared the lesson with my goals and abilities in mind. I always feel challenged to improve and push myself out of my comfort zone, and the challenge is always accompanied by a great deal of support from Amarita. I love how she goes beyond simple pronunciation but helps you to dive deep into the cadence and musicality of the language. in addition, Amarita crafts learning experiences that also immerse you in the culture and history of England. This is important as an actor/voice actor as it helps you play believe able people and not just a caricature. I think an extra layer of effectiveness of Amarita's training also stems from the fact that she is also an accomplished artist who understand the process of learning and practicing new skills in a safe supportive space. I cannot say enough about Amarita and her training. The proof is that my skills and confidence have skyrocketed as a result of training with her.


British Dialects Coaching Client

Terri Nicole

Terri Nicole.jpg

Working with Amarita is great! She is clear and positive to help you progress in your dialects training.


British Dialects Coaching Client

Ron Weisberg

Ron Weisberg.jpg

Amarita Fenn VO - British Dialect Coaching

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