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Amarita's coaching is fantastic and is highly tailored to suit her students. She has helped me improve and refine my British accents by not only helping me with the technical aspects of the dialects, but also the social influences that shape it. As an actor, this helps you live in the accent and not just put one on. One of the great things about our sessions is how much fun they are. I can genuinely say Amarita has become a wonderful friend and is a highly skilled dialect coach. I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn authentic English accents--She teaches you RP, Neutral and Cockney, so you have a solid foundation when you complete your sessions with her.
John Faust

As a voice actor, it is a bonus to have a some variety and believability on your demo reels. And, Amarita delivers. Her intuitive and personally tailored program provided polish to my British accents, as well as adding a foundation of understanding towards each one's origins. What an amazing benefit to know where your character comes from when developing their voice. Her program is not a "one size fits all", but is expertly geared towards your skills and goals, is informative, and is a genuinely fun experience. Whether you want to learn basic pronunciations or add some polish to your skillset, I would definitely recommend Amarita as your next dialect coach. 
Max Simshauser

What a fantastic experience! I have been on a voice-over journey for several years and it has become apparent that the road is best traveled with excellent coaches. So glad to have had Amarita as one of them! The emphasis on both dialect and British history helped me understand the nuances of the language. Often, it is the small things - stress on a certain syllable, cadence, minor pronunciation differences - that can make or break an attempt at an accent. Amarita helped fine-tune my ear and, with incredible patience and attention to detail, allowed me to succeed far beyond my expectations. 
Robin Howatt Schrock

Amarita is a terrific teacher of the British Neutral, RP, and Cockney accents. She is detailed and thorough in her instruction, and committed to helping her students sound authentic. Her approach of teaching through historical and cultural context in addition to sound and cadence is truly helpful when learning a new accent. Amarita has high expectations of her students and delivers those expectations with warmth, humor, and encouragement. It sets her apart from other accent and acting instructors. I would happily train with Amarita again!
Bree Herbert


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