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Amarita Fenn VO

Do you find it difficult to use your facial muscles differently?

Are you uncertain which British dialect to use for a given character?

Do you find it challenging to practice without real time feedback?

Has anyone ever helped you tune in to the rhythmic flow of British English?

My personally tailored programme digs deep into the challenges faced by actors when extending their range. In addition to technical training  I help actors build up a picture of the social context in which their character is living so that their delivery is informed, rooted in reality and authentic whether using RP, Neutral or Cockney.

By working together intensively over ten weeks via Zoom my clients see dramatic shifts in their use of tonality, stress and rhythm.

It is not only the words themselves that matter, but how you move from word to word to create a believable piece.

Use my calendar to book a free 30 minute Creativity Call:

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