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I am a British accent coach focusing on RP, Neutral and Cockney.
I love helping clients build up an awareness of British culture so that they can be more authentic in their delivery.



Originally from London UK I bring my academic background, performance experience and coaching technique together to create the shifts in delivery that my clients need.


A fundamental part of my 10 week online programme is cultural awareness.

I help actors build up a picture of the social context in which their character is living so that their delivery is informed, rooted in reality and authentic.

By working together intensively over ten weeks via Zoom my clients see dramatic shifts in their use of tonality, stress and rhythm.

It is not only the words themselves that matter, but how you move from word to word to create a believable piece.

I invite you to explore my LinkedIn page to watch snippets from my sessions with current clients.


I'm always looking for new and exciting collaborations.

Let's connect!

Call 0034625487118

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